Oregon Chapter Eighth Air Force Historical Society World War Two Archive Project

"Any archive that owns items that you cannot access means those items are useless." -- Tom Philo

Accounts of Duty In World War II & Other Archived Research Material

Oregon Chapter Archive Index - members of the chapter who have donated materials.

Non-Oregeon Chapter members research material index - other materials donated / collected that the chapter has from people who were not members of the local Oregon 8th AFHS.

The Oregon Chapter started this "memories" project back in the late 1990s. Each member was sent a request to write down their memories of their time served in the Eighth Air Force during World War Two. Some cover from the time they joined, their training, and their combat experiences to VJ day. Some items are just a paragraph. Original documents like log books have been donated.

The documents can be loaned to the chapter to be copied and returned, or donated permanently.

In order to preserve the originals all items have been scanned and saved in the Adobe® PDF format. This allows people to view the original without having to physically loan them out and be lost, damaged or experience general wear and tear of handling.

All items in the archive are placed online. This allows the military research people to discover and use them as needed.

A DVD with all the material at the resolution at which they were initially scanned can be purchased. (Example: an image posted in JPG could be 2 megs at 72 DPI, the original PSD (PhotoShop) format is 175 megs at 300 DPI, some images were scanned at 1200 or higher.)

Oregon Chapter Archive Index - members of the chapter who have donated materials.

Non-Oregeon Chapter members research material index - other materials donated / collected that the chapter has from people who were not members of the local Oregon 8th AFHS.

"Twenty-five doesn't sound like much until you start flying them."
— Capt Robert Morgan, pilot of the "Memphis Belle."

Researching History

To learn history you have only a few choices: talk to a participant, read their written documents, or read what others have who may - or may not - have talked to people or looked at source documents.

The best is always to talk to the original participants. In learning about World War II some people cannot talk - they were killed in action (KIA) or have died in the ensuring years since the war. This is true for any historical study and not unique to the study of war.

If you cannot talk to a person then seeing original written documents, items that they collected themselves during the war, items that were given to them, or that they obtained during the war but was officially not allowed to be published, provides invaluable insight. Some items included in these archives you will have never seen before - or even knew existed.

If You Want to Have Your Personal History Recorded

In Porltand Oregon there is The Association of Personal Historians Portland Chapter that will are available to provide the service or recording your own history, family tree, service records or whatever you want recorded, transcribed and preserved.

Below is a list of the members of the Portland Chapter:


Chapters of Life
Contact:          Julie McDonald Zander
Location:         Toledo, Washington
Phone:             360-864-6938
Email:              memorybooks@chaptersoflife.com
Web site:         www.chaptersoflife.com

Award-winning journalist with two decades of professional experience as an interviewer, writer, and editor will help you preserve your personal, family, business, or community history on tape or CD and in keepsake books. Interviews are conducted in the comfort of the narrator’s home. Services include oral history interviewing, transcribing, writing, editing, scanning photos and memorabilia, page design, and book publishing.

Family Chronicles
Contact:          Sharon Waldman
Location:         Corvallis, Oregon
Phone:             541-745-5257
Email: sharonwaldman@yahoo.com


Family Heirloom Arts
Contact:          Lisa Kagan
Location:         SE Portland, Oregon
Phone:             503-347-1391
Email:              Lisa@FamilyHeirloomArts.com
Website:          www.FamilyHeirloomArts.com

Family Heirloom Arts specializes in helping individuals and families celebrate their life stories through the creation of illustrated heirloom books and custom art. Services include; oral history interviews, writing and editing, photo scanning and restoration, custom illustrations, and book layout and design. Family Heirloom Arts also offers workshops for adults and children so participants can learn how to create their own Family Heirloom Art.


Joan Hamilton, Transcriptionist & Personal Historian
Contact:          Joan Hamilton
Location:         Tualatin, Oregon
Phone:             503-692-7930
Email:              JHami828@aol.com

I am a transcriptionist specializing in personal history. As a volunteer, I also preserve the military history of Veterans through digital audio recordings of interviews. Transcripts are provided with the option of sending copies of all materials to the Veterans History Project (Library of Congress).

Honor Your Past, LLC  
Contact:             Len Otto
Location:           Boring, Oregon
Phone:               503-663-0794
Email:                Len@HonorYourPast.com
Web site:            www.HonorYourPast.com
Specializing in print related services: professional scanning and digital restoration of heritage photos, interviewing and text editing, layout/design, and organizing your memories for publication.

Contact:          Maia Fischler
Location:         Albany, Oregon
Phone:             541-745-7391
Email:              maia@life-writer.com
Web site:         www.life-writer.com

We work with you one-to-one, in a relaxed, enjoyable series of conversations, to record the experiences that have shaped your life, your work, and your beliefs. Then we turn your stories into beautiful books, written in your own voice and illustrated with the photos you love. We also transcribe old tapes and diaries, digitize photo collections, and help complete manuscripts in progress.

Real to Reel, recording personal stories   
Contact:          Gloria H. Nussbaum
Location:         Beaverton, Oregon 
Phone/FAX:    503-645-0616
Email:              real2reel@teleport.com
Website:          www.real-to-reel.org

We specialize in interviewing and preserving the actual VOICE of the storyteller using a one-on-one interview.  This method elicits wonderful stories, some long forgotten, that bring a person to memory better than any photograph.  The finished product is the stories on an audio CD in a custom designed case.  This unique and economical system for preserving stories is truly the "gift of a lifetime."

Restored Stories LLC
Contact:          Brina Bolanz
Location:         SW Portland, Oregon 
Phone:             971-222-5049
Email:              brina@restoredstories.com
Website:          www.RestoredStories.com

Create an exquisite new family heirloom!  Restored Stories helps Northwest families turn dusty boxes of heritage photographs and print memorabilia into archival quality, digitally printed photo books. We provide in-home photo organizing and archival storage consulting; scanning and digital restoration; interviewing and personal history writing; archival products sales; and archival photo reprints, mounting and framing.

Time Preserved, Inc.
Location:         SW Portland, OR
Web site:        www.timelesslegacies.com
Contact:          Aura Lee Loveland
Phone:             503-804-8049
Email:              timelesslegacies@outlook.com

Contact:          Beverly Warren-Leigh
Web site:        www.timelines-inc.com
Phone:             503-704-7553
Email:             bev@timelines-inc.com

Preserving a family history can take many forms so we cater our services to fit our client’s vision and budget. We offer: (1) bound illustrated books with audio CDs, (2) documentary-style DVDs, (3) bound written histories, (4) expandable genealogy books, (5) framed genealogy posters, and (6) consulting for do-it-yourselfers.

Contributing to History Yourself

History can only be taught to new people by hearing it firsthand from someone who participated - and then stories are passed along verbatim, written down, or recorded in some manner. Black & White film, and from the 1930s onward color, recorded visual and audio details (combat films were usually silent, then dubbed with sound in the studio). However, most events that people participated in which created the history have never been recorded.

Larger than life figures, unique events, are usually well noted - but the everyday things, the "routine" items that occur, daily life really, is seldom recorded. To understand everything about any era the everyday occurrences and routines also need to be recorded. That is why diaries are so highly prized since they are the daily recordings of a person's life.

The 8th Air Force press relation people were quite good - but only in detailing the aerial combat portion of the people and planes. The hundreds of thousands of people that made up airbase,air depot, and supply personnel were seldom recorded and published (in some cases they could not be, that would be giving the enemy valuable information as to operational capabilities).

The stories of these people also needed to be recorded for posterity.

The history of the Eighth Air Force would not be complete if there were no stories from the people of the countries they fraught against: Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. The stories from the people who fought in the air, their base personnel, the air defense people, and the targets bombed, also are needed to be recorded for a complete history.

If you wish to contribute your story and your memorabilia please do so. Send your material along with the authorization form (PDF) as to the allowable uses of the material by others to the chapter secretary. There are many people who would not want to give up their originals so it can be passed along in the family and in those cases they can be sent in, scanned, then returned back.

When sending use FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS (registered and insured) or any shipper that allows positive tracking of material.

Authorized stories sent in will be placed into the archive and onto the web site.

Web & CD require Acrobat Reader

You will need to have a copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader version 6.0 or later in order to view these files. You can download a copy directly from Adobe. Adobe Acrobat Reader download

A CD with all the same items may be purchased directly from the Society for $10.00 (includes shipping). The CD is organized identical to the online version. The CD version material is not compressed like the online version. Scanning was done at a resolution anywhere from 300 to 1200 DPI to get best scan of the material.

A version of Adobe Reader is stored on the disk.

A complete searchable index of all items is also on the CD. This is accessed using Adobe Reader's built in search feature. This feature allows you to search the CD for any text that has been recognized and indexed by Acrobat.